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Why Cypress Matters Now More Than Ever

As many of you know, May is Mental Health Awareness month. At Cypress that can bring a lot of mixed emotions. We know that so many folks are suffering and struggling to get the care they need and deserve. And we know that we face serious challenges and barriers in our systems that can feel overwhelming.

But rather than feel defeated, at Cypress we also like to remind ourselves of all of the things we CAN do to help. For example, we know from the data that doing some simple things can help us feel better - taking walks, connecting with people who have our back, finding ways to express ourselves through creative practice – these things have all been proven to help brain health. We also know that how we support someone matters a lot! We can increase our understanding of how to have tough conversations, how to connect someone to professional services or how to manage a mental health crisis to save a life.

That’s why we think Cypress matters “Now More Than Ever.” Because most of us want to DO something. We want to help by learning practical skills. We want to support our businesses and organizations toward healing. We want tangible solutions to difficult problems like burn-out. And we want to have those uncomfortable conversations with folks so they can feel better too when they are grieving a life event. And that’s all stuff we teach at Cypress!

So this May, help us bring awareness to Mental Health by reaching out to someone to check in. Or by taking a walk with your dog to enjoy the sun. Or by advocating in your community for more services. Those are the types of things we’ll be doing this month – because “Now More Than Ever” it’s time to support our mental health by getting involved in the solutions.

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