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Cypress Featured at the American Public Health Association 2021 Annual Meeting & Expo!

Cypress Resilience Project is excited to be featured in a poster presentation at APHA 2021. The theme of this year's meeting is "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Strengthening Social Connectedness." Our poster presentation, entitled "Saving Lives Through Trauma Informed Overdose Prevention Networks" highlights Cypress Resilience Project's partnership with the California Overdose Prevention Network (COPN), another program at Public Health Institute. Through this collaboration, Cypress provided Mental Health First Aid Certification, Trauma Informed Practice training, and Technical Assistance to coalitions working to combat the overdose crisis in 11 counties across the state of California.

COPN is the largest overdose prevention network in the country, with active coalitions serving 85% of California's 39 million people. Their mission is to help coalitions, organizations, and individuals working at the forefront of California’s overdose epidemic by providing access to knowledge, training, and resources to implement proven solutions that save lives. By strengthening connections in community, COPN aims to lower the supply of opioids, promote recovery from addiction, and prevent unnecessary deaths.

Since July, 2020, Cypress Resilience Project has partnered with COPN to provide Mental Health First Aid Certification, Trauma Informed Practice training, and Technical Assistance to COPN Coalitions providing direct service to individuals in their communities. We worked with health professionals, law enforcement, educators, community organizers, and more to build on their existing skills and provide tools to strengthen the amazing work they are already doing. It has been an incredible learning experience for our team, and we are honored to contribute to the work of COPN and its California Coalitions.

Check back soon to see the recorded version of Cypress Program Director Brooke Briggance's APHA 2021 poster presentation!

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